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Thousands of emigrants passed this place on their way to Oregon and California during the mid 1800s. It is a prominent way point on the Historic Oregon California Trail in central Wyoming. If you would like to see this and more of my work, visit www.nenatrappphotography.com

The Ghosts of Devil's Gate



posted by Dragica Vidakovic

Power & Foundation finds its roots in people. It celebrates those who, through strength, knowledge and skill, build the unseen or unnoticeable. As an artist, I gain new insight and respect every time I am on job sites. The thirst for discovery is what keep me fascinated. The paintings are highly influenced by the personalities, the sounds, even the weather. When back at the studio, memories, colour, texture, light and a good dose of music, are how I can share the energy, power and enthusiasm. The exhibit is as much about how we fit in with the designs we create, the structures we build, and locations we chose, as it is about the admiration for the women and men at the heart of it all and the recognition that there will always be the need for the human element. Exhibit on January and February 2016 at the Tremont, in Collingwood, Canada

Power & Foundation



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Auction of Modern Art of 21 century http://auction21.ru/russkiy-brend/ Russian Brand Art project...



posted by Tricia Skoglund

There are many reasons we all need to Open Up more in our lives. This painting was created with vibrant teal blues and lively oranges to really get you to Open Up and be inspired! I torch-cut steel then work layer upon layer of mixed media and acrylics until I have achieved a feeling of completion. Sometimes it can take 30 layers to get just the right look. Every piece I create is truly a one of a kind painting. This painting is hanging at the International Masters Exhibition, at Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas, Nevada January 20th to April 30th

Opening Up