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http://issuu.com/luxuriousmagazine/docs/luxury-defined/121?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222 My interview, please comment ! Thank you very much! Sculptor;Marijan Zajec Ko-Ze



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After my recent solo exhibition, I had the pleasure to receive the distinction "Canvas of Gold" from the National Federation of French Culture for my painting entitled: The pose of the young painter. I am very happy! A big thank you to those who were present at my expo, who left a written or oral testimony! Thank you and the next event!



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André Bielen takes us along with him in his own universe. Always different, each work gives a shocking vision, a powerful angle. The painter belongs to the new generation of abstract landscape artists. Born in 1956, André Bielen went through all sorts of pictorial experiments -always staying on his own stylistic path- to perfect his technique. A dynamic evolution, a personal perseverance and a result that today situates this painter among the best ones in the family of abstract landscape art -with his own language, in the European art context ... http://www.bielen.fr Andre Bielen welcome!! I think that "imagination is stronger than savoir"(A.Einstein) and that must be divided between work and the spectator, and if the same emotion joined together, then, passion settles!!!!




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As a landscape artist, and a Plein Air enthusiast,Nature, fascinates me. The acceptance in the "Artists Residency Program" in the summer of 2013, provided the opportunity, and perfect setting. The natural habitat of the city of Coaticook,in the province of Quebec, Canada,is a paradise, a perfect picture of nature and human coexistence, its surrounding vistas, nature parks, rivers and gorge, offered ample possibilities, possible exciting feelings, and great inspiration. Documenting this beauty of Nature as I saw it, manifested in this body of work, "Discovering Coaticook" rendered realistically, with bold brush strokes, strong and soft hues, or conveyed abstractly with palette knife. Work will be exhibited in Galerie de la Ville, in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada, Feb.16th to March 16th.2014

"Colour Changes"