This is a theme I come to once in a while, expessing an atmosphere, something that is in the air, like we say in French "c'est dans l'air du temps", a vibration, a whiff of things that I sense and then I take the brush, or other means, and it just comes out on the canvas, intuitively, without any intellectual intention or reflection.

Untitled but announcing the Olypmpic games of Sotchi. 02.20.2014. 60/60 cm 3cm acrylic on canvas



posted by Aleksandra Bzdzikot

I just wanted to say hello to all artists gathered in Artavita community. My name is Aleksandra and I'm a painter an an illustrator currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Please feel welcome to take a look into my women portraits made in a fashion illustration mood and colourful landscapes. All the best, Aleksandra

Flower Composition



posted by Victor Ovsyannikov

Today I want to show as an example the image of New York City I change the style and technique of watercolor painting. There is a widespread belief that the artist should have its own style unchanged. I do not agree with this. Each painting creates a unique experience and the artist must express the uniqueness of the object and situation by all available means. Just owning a wide range of means of expression, a good artist can create wonderful pictures. Grand Central. 15x10 in. Roofs of Manhattan. 15x22 in. New York City - the capital of the world. 29x41 cm. The Brooklyn Bridge. 11 x 14 in. Skyscrapers in New York. 11 x 14 in. Manhattan. 27x35 cm. Evening Times Square 1. 11 x 14 in. Evening Times Square 2. 11 x 14 in. 42 st. at Bryant Park in NYC. 27x35 cm. Liking and opinions send: vao47@mail.ru

Grand Central



posted by Marti White

I am a mixed media artist living and working in Tucson, AZ. I have been painting for over 40 years. Like most artists, I started painting in oil and then discovered transparent watercolor and painted representational watercolors for 20 years I discovered mixed media and have progressed through many approaches to this exciting way to create on paper and canvas in acrylic paint and paper to make collages. Most of the work I do now is abstract and non-representational. My work is show locally and nationally in gallery exhibits and online. I keep an Artist's Page on Facebook (Marti White, Artist) and a website - www.artbymartiwhite.com.

Basket Fragments



posted by Selva Veeriah

Hello everyone, I've just come on board Artavita. I'm a lawyer-turned artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I create colourful and playful semi-abstract paintings in a naive style. Hope you enjoy four of my most recent artworks. Best wishes, Selva Veeriah

S204 (2016)

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