posted by Elina Bitere

Self-portrait with silver cross, February 2013, London This photograph captures a moment from a performance exploring the mysteries of human emotion. The photograph was taken in a dark studio with one dim light, against a backdrop of distressed dark green and black painted polystyrene. During the performance, Elina moves her head rapidly from side to side, using a cable release to take the image. Her face is hidden by her long hair as it swings back and forth. 1/20 second shutter speed, f/4.8 and ISO200 printed onto matt photographic paper mounted in a traditional wooden frame.




posted by Megan Harmer

I am proud to announce you can now see the entire collection of 16 paintings created by Megan Harmer, hand painted over a period of more than 6 years. Starting from original black and white illustrations transformed into unique and very different artworks that have a style of their own. Discover them all on ARTmine today! http://www.art-mine.com/artistpage/megan_harmer.aspx

16 hand painted artworks by Megan Harmer



posted by Rossella BLUE Mocerino

Rossella BLUE Mocerino’s work is all about masks and being masked. Her inspirational city is Venice. Her inspirational well is the Venice Carnival. After having exhibited at the Tompkins Square and Mulberry Street Libraries, her next stop on “The Library Tour 2015” is the 115th Street Branch. Six paintings will be on display on the first floor. CARNEVALE IN HARLEM paintings by Rossella BLUE Mocerino August 3 - 27, 2015 115 Street Library 203 West 115th Street New York, NY, 10026 (212) 666-9393 Library Hrs. Mon. 12 - 7, Tue. 11 - 6, Wed. 12 - 7, Thur. 11 - 6, Fri. 10 - 5, Sat. 10 - 5 Library can by reached by the subway lines B or C. Stop is 116th Street. Use of library space by Rossella BLUE Mocerino for this exhibition does not indicate endorsement by the New York Public Library

Carnevale in Harlem poster image



posted by Peter Meyers

An amazing Renaissance palace on the land of the Dukes of Burgundy. The larger set of Murals Renaissance made Ancy-le-Franc direct rival of Fontainebleau. Masterpiece of Italian architect Sebastiano Serlio, called by François 1er in his court master of symmetry and architecture of the sixteenth century. The Château d'Ancy-le-Franc is a Renaissance jewel in the heart of a large park in Burgundy, the canal and a few hours from Paris. Historical Monument, it contains a vast quadrilateral teeming decor attributed to the biggest artists Italians, Flemings and Burgundians the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.   Since July 1999, a team of experts applies to establish a comprehensive inventory to allow to be completed outstanding restoration, the extent of the special nature of the Palace of Ancy-le-Franc.

Ancy le Franc



posted by Brian Morrison

Art with a goal and a plan to meet that goal. the skilled creation of art using mind and body to create that which is recognizable through content.

the truth

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