posted by Rita Schwab

I just updated my portfolio with my newest 'Conscious Sensitivities' series paintings. "Conscious Sensitivities" are abstract paintings that explore mindful awareness of secondary perceptions such as 'out of the corner of the eye' impressions, intuitive imagery and a feel for personal reality. They deal with harmony in color, the fragility of balance, depth through texture and implementation of our organic elements. These works can be seen at the Art Fusion Gallery in Miami in the Wynwood district. Please go to www.artfusion.com for more information on gallery hours and directions. My personal page can be found under Rita Schwab Fine Arts. Enjoy!



posted by zohar wallach

letting temperature shift act as main source of creating my paintings, as I add new pigments and let the piece crack and show hidden layers.




posted by Birdy Tg

New on Artvista, would like to say hello to all the artists and the Artavista Management! I am a multimedia artist and show here some of my photography and mixed media works. Best. Birdy Tg

"Lord of Butterflies" - 180x120cm - Photography and Mixed Media



posted by maria grazia frassetto

SONO APERTE LE SELEZIONI PER PARTECIPARE A “ARTE IN FIERA-DOLOMITI 10^ EDIZIONE”” ACAF-ARTEMISIA GALLERY- e’ PRESENTE IN FIERA DAL 3 AL 5 OTTOBRE 2015 3. L’adesione alla partecipazione della fiera, ha come termine il 15 settembre prossimo, le opere dovranno pervenire direttamente alla sede dell’Associazione che provvederà ad inviare tutto alla Fiera. 4. L’andata e ritorno da Bergamo a Longarone è a carico dell’Associazione,. 5. inviare i file delle opere ad alta risoluzione – 300 dpa – alla E-mail galleria.artemisia.bg@gmail.com – Termine ultimo per l’adesione il15 settembre . Maria Grazia Frassetto – presidente Acaf-Artemisia Gallery per gli allegati scrivere a galleria.artemisia.bg@gmail.com verranno inviati




posted by Renate Schweizer

What's the value of making art? Why using old worthless teabags without any value? Which value have people, nature and earth in your mind? Are you interested to find a different kind of view and to change perspectives ? Making art with old teabags is dealing with the question about judging the value of people, of human beings, of nature, animals, of work, natural sources, different kinds of thougths and minds... Since more than 10 years I use old used teabags as art-material in different ways: Installations, Collages, wearable Art, performances... You are very welcome to come and to see, to discover the new value of things, we didn't give any concern after we valued it as worthless https://vimeo.com/106266597

Renate Schweizer art with teabags

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