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The topic I want to make deals with the similarities between humans and animals! It is an invitation to philosophize about the question: who is the animal that animal? . This symbolic duality brings me to develop and produce pictorial visions addressing different "looks" incisive and ironic about the human world inspired by the animal world What is this work? These depict bestiality we are both actors and spectators, conscious or unconscious. My analysis is to make comparisons between the man and the beast! These personify: Ones not so stupid.

La Révolte de Rhino



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I believe that what you discard is as important as what remains visible. The impetus behind every mark I make on the canvas is to “transform the mistake”. I have been refining an experimental technique for removing layers of paint which I call a lift. This unorthodox process reveals ghosts of underlying imagery and has become my own form of storytelling: visually communicating abstract concepts of impermanence and fragility. The process is completely unpredictable. By giving up control, I am forced to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the paintings evolution. There is liberation in non-attachment, and it is this irreverence which has, at its core, a fearless leap of faith.




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Muse of many of his paintings, music is everywhere when Fré creates. Inhabited by the rhythm or melody, Fré is guided by his spatula. Then it is the need to pour its energy that is at the heart of the artist's approach. He enjoys working with the material. It restores good gesture. The impression remains that allows us to reconstruct the genesis of the work. His work with the spatula allows blending and fine depth effects. The painter's gesture is intuitive. Some paintings emerge here and there elements of figuration. The result is alive, colorful and vibrant paintings. « I like to tell a story. But beyond the narrative, the recognizable, I like my painting reflects primarily a high energy. » -Fré




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I need uncontrollably some special modes to express myself, therefore I cannot fix a certain mode or cling to some unchanged style. I even have to satisfy this need of mine with mutually conflicting processes of creation and utterly different visual stimuli. Only the vast and enormous space formed by two or more kinds of sharply contrastive moods and thinking activities can satisfy this need of mine. I have been engrossed all along in the “cultural contrast” which I think very important, and therefore interweavement of different elements of the East and the West often appear in my works. I try to express this contrast through various materials and even mixed media but the final effect remains simple.

Buddhist Scriptures I



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NEW ARTEMISIA GALLERY OFFERS – EXPOSURE with a 30 SQM STAND at "ARTE FIERA DOLOMITES 2012" – 7 Ed On the occasion of the 7 edition of the increasingly important "art exhibition" Dolomiti "2012, which takes place from 13 to October 15, 2012, The leadership hoping to have you among the artists on display, send a cordial greeting. Maria Grazia Frassetto – artistic director New Artemisia Gallery via Moroni 124 – 24122 Bergamo Tel.035241481 – 3895563828 www.galleryartemisia.com


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