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Hello, my name is Muller Jean Francois. I’am a artist, whose art represents the world. My inspiration for my artwork comes from my dreams, and feelings. Images you can’t see, I can transfer those images in my artwork. My styles of paintings are: abstract, oil, acylic. Website - http://www.artistpaintingonline.com

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Christine donates 50% of proceeds of original art to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which is dedicated to protecting endangered species and their habitats. Please contact the artist for more information.

Water: our most precious resource



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Sinikka Elfving I Visual Artist sinikkaelfvingartist.com



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Known for his numerous successful one-man-shows, over 200 world wide, Jure also took part in various group exhibitions in his native land. He continues to be proficient abroad, participating in Art symposiums in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Spain, USA, Austria and elsewhere. Jure Cekuta's paintings are imbued with bold fundamental colors and these have become his trademark. Jure’s spirited work is without doubt distinctively recognizable. A powerful sense of symbolism permeates all his work. He combines human figures and faces, flowers, and bottle shaped images to appear in these confident pieces of artwork. The regularly referred to ‘apple’ has become a prominent logo in Jure’s recent work. Jure Cekuta continues to be universally praised in the world of art history.




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mag. JURE J CEKUTA Internationally celebrated artist and intellectual, Jure Cekuta was born in 1952 in Celje, Slovenia. He attended technical college in the prominent city of Maribor. From the years 1979 to 1981, Jure applied his skills as painter and graphic artist in the U.S., namely in Chicago, Ill. and Carmel, CA. Truly the artist, he further embraced his passion and in 1982 studied painting at the University of Hawaii. Jure was presented, in 2007, with his Masters in Art-Wall painting, and he is finishing PhD at Metropolitan University Belgrade ; Design of New Media. In the year 2002, he was official candidate for President of Republic Slovenia as the first Artist-Painter in the history who has this kind of experience, which reflects in his Art.