posted by federico cortese

An original piece from the series “In the absence of God”, oil and pencil on paper, 28 x 40 cm, 1999. The medieval illustrators represented animals that they had never seen, described by others, or derived from mythology. This generated monstrous creatures. From here comes the idea of a common set of animals, which are deformed with the help of redundant decorative codes. These artworks are made on paper overlaying subsequent layers of oil painting and pencil drawing (I often use graphite not only to emphasize the traits but as a colour itself, to fill and darken entire areas of the drawing).




posted by Nadin Victorya Mazpane

3D Mixed 2018. ""I will to find your SHADOW...I will to find your CELL...I will to rise you... My blood is black...my reason is cold... "" The Star of Wishes has died like a star...but her soul...the memories about her existance live...after the live she became by computer programm...she exists somewhere in the cybercell somewhere in CyberSpace...she avoke and want to find him...He became by the Phantom of Virtual Reality...He has died too...she want to find his shadow... to find his his cell, she want to liberate herself...and arise him...

CyberSoul Project. Transmission Time.



posted by Ye ye Tsang

80 x 60 x2.5 cm Acrylic on canvas This painting “Coastal “ is inspired by a bunch of floral arrangements. My work rarely sets the theme before the start but often reflects my worldview as I go on follow my heart. In the quiet moments by the coast, the wave in the sea rises and falls, just like the moving of distant and close-up scenes, retreating and forward. Driving my heart bringing out the old memory and letting new things go backwards.




posted by René Berrut

Artiste PEINTRE Né LE 30.07.1957 A MONTHEY VALAIS SUISSE. Ses oeuvres sont issus principalement sur le recherche de couleurs à base de plantes et sur divers technique de peindre. La vision des ses oeuvres se base beaucoup sur ses nombreux voyage. A exposés un peux partout dans le monde. Peintre à la renommée mondial. Bon nombre de revu de l'art dise de René Berrut est un Maître coloriste , pour la vision de ses oeuvres colorées. On dit de lui , qu'il faut d'abord ouvrir une oeuvre comme un livre , qu'il faut bien regarder une oeuvre, on y trouve souvent des seines de personnage et animaux. Aujourd'hui reconnu en temps que grand Maître des Arts . A reçu plusieurs distinctions de prestiges. Au Etat-Unis, Palerme, Milan et au mois de février 2019 à Florence. http://fr.artquid.com/artist/rene.berrut/

IMPREVU 60/60/5 Huile sur Toile 2014




The artist demonstrates how trade was carried out in African traditional society & it's a light to dark kind of print making .

Loaded trader