Miguel Del Rey

I am a figurative sculptor exploring form in order to communicate emotions. I am interested in presenting the human figure in such a way that there is a perfect balance between realism and abstraction. The process of creating these sculptures is an experience that feels partially like meditating and is very intimate and spiritual

While the human figure is one of the most complex forms, it offers one of the most effective approaches to communication ideas and emotions. When I depict the nude figure as my subject, I strip it of such elements as identity, time and place in order to focus the viewer's attention on what it is to be human.

I believe that human communication takes place through verbal and body languages. The verbal communication is ideo-symbolic, in the sense that ideas are refined, organized and named, or in other words turned into symbols such as words. In contrast, body language is a much more primal and direct form of communication. By depicting the human nude, I am communicating through body language alone.

My work also uses abstraction in order to convey emotions.. This mixture of realism and abstraction, the interplay of what is depicted versus what is removed or simplified creates and interesting dialogue and evokes feelings that are deeply rooted in all of us.

As an artist, I keep a very close and intimate relationship with my process, and in that sense the process becomes almost religious or spiritual. I try to be aware of my state of mind during the creative process, letting my emotions and intuition lead the way of my sculpting. Confidence is a big word and of huge factor in my process. When confidence is induced into the sculpture, the form flows in space in a similar way the paint brush strokes flow on a canvas. Even the unfinished parts have to show this confidence in their abstraction in order to feel intentional.

My art celebrates the human condition by depicting the body and its ability to communicate emotions.


Old Dancer

Original solid plaster, Old dancer figure mounted on wood and burlap.

Mother nature's will

Original hollowed plaster portrait, mounted on wood, held by a steel base

The Fall

Original hollowed plaster, abstracted reclining male figure
Size: 13 H x 17 W x 21 in