Niels Febber Andersen

Niels Febber Andersen

Location: Denmark

I was born in Copenhagen 1949 - I am a self-taught painter and I have been painting since I, as an 11 year old boy, won a drawing competition in a newspaper. The price was a box of oil colours.
To day I live in the picturesque seaman village Dragoer. I will probably describe myself as an impressionistic city- and landscape painter with a passion for working in an outdoor environment.
I usually do oil painting on canvas using palette knives.

I have participated in many exhibitions, single and with artgroups.



Niels Febber Andersen Gallery

Oia, Santorini I - Greece “Oia, Santorini I - Greece”

Oil on canvas 50x40 cm

Two Chairs - Greece “Two Chairs - Greece”

Oil on canvas, 70x50 cm

View from my balcony - Greece “View from my balcony - Greece”

Lesbos, Greece
Oil on canvas, 50x70 cm

Autumn, Frederiksberg “Autumn, Frederiksberg”

Oil on Canvas, 70x60 cm

Autumn Wood        “Autumn Wood ”

Oil on canvas, 70x50 cm

In Villa Pippinis Garden “In Villa Pippinis Garden”

Thassos, Greece
Oil on canvas board, 46x37,5 cm

Down Under “Down Under”

Oil on canvas, 30x30 cm

On the Top “On the Top”

Oil on canvas, 30x30 cm

Contrabass contra Contrabass “Contrabass contra Contrabass”

Oil on canvas, 79x109 cm

December “December”

Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm

Landscape, Toemmerup, DK “Landscape, Toemmerup, DK”

Oil on canvas, 74 cm x 46 cm

Forest Road “Forest Road”

Oil on canvas, 90x70 cm.

Kayak Padlers “Kayak Padlers”

Oil on canvas, 120x45 cm

Landscape, Tuscany “Landscape, Tuscany”

Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm

Flowering Trees, Provence “Flowering Trees, Provence”

Oil on canvas, 55x45 cm