Raymond Ramirez

I always wanted to be and artist however I never really had the time to put much into it, until I retired in 2005, I worked for the
Dept of Mental Health & DDS In California for 25 years. so now that I have the time to pursue my passion, I am posting some of my work.


Raymond Ramirez

Is from Vallejo California has been drawing for about 15 years, focus has mostly been on portrait art uses graphite pencils on Bristol paper mostly
9x12 drawings.

Marilyn “Marilyn”

from the movie the Misfits

Elvis in Concert “Elvis in Concert”

1968 Comeback Concert

Lisa Marie “Lisa Marie”

drawn from a photograph

John Wayne “John Wayne”

From the movie True Grit

Adriana “Adriana ”

from the t.v series The Soprano's

Paul Newman “Paul Newman”

As the infamous Judge Roy Bean

Clouds over serenity Lake “Clouds over serenity Lake”

One of my first landscape drawings

The Gift of Life “The Gift of Life”

Drawn from a photograph for a friend

Buddy & Adolph “Buddy & Adolph”

Gone but not forgotten

Mama & Baby Cat “Mama & Baby Cat”

from photographs

Sgt. Presley “Sgt. Presley”

drawing of Elvis when he was stationed in Germany

Robert Redford “Robert Redford”

from his role in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Paul Newman “Paul Newman”

In Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Phil Silvers “Phil Silvers ”

As Sgt Bilko t.v show