Alexis Silk

My figures are sculpted free-hand while the glass is hot on the blowpipe. This includes even the wings of my "angels."

Aesthetically and conceptually the source of my inspiration is all around me. The human figure in its many forms is a window on and connection to our humanity (and our divinity). The tension and interdependence of society and the individual is the milieu within which we live. There is always ambiguity. Power, for example, can be expressed as ugly, demeaning and objectifying, or it can be beautiful, strong and joyful.

I enjoy playing with tension of opposites: classical/modern, fragile/strong, funny/serious. But in the end, my work is always about people, our intentions toward each other and our relationship to nature and society. Though the ideas I express vary, with emotions ranging from anger to whimsy to love, my pieces consistently seem to evoke strong reactions.

My work is included in museums, galleries and private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.


Alexis Silk

All of Alexis Silk’s glass work is hot sculpted without the use of molds. Working directly from the furnace, pieces are sculpted free-hand on the end of blow pipe and punty rod. Alexis shapes each figure with metal tools, pushing and pulling directly on the molten glass while it is moving and falling, returning it to the glory hole for reheating approximately every sixty seconds. She shapes the pieces from the interior as well as the exterior, in some cases simultaneously. Her work requires a skilled team working in unison to achieve each piece. The sculptures are generally very heavy and large in scale, requiring a team of up to seven strong experienced individuals. Many of Alexis’s sculptures include steel components to accentuate the concepts. Frequently these components are fabricated steel frames and industrial steel or cast iron hooks.