Di Ferrá

Di Ferrá

Location: Brazil


Di Ferra - Artwork 2014

I do not want a technical text, write something that defines me so you can feel the love that overflows from my heart.

The creation the Artwork seems simple. More is not!

I am pure feeling, like the simple things in life, nature inspires me. Each work created is unique, follows a style that is tickling in its simplicity many people. In my life, art is something priceless, is not only a technique, the painting needs a lot more, my creative mind needs to be in tune with a higher power, is not only painting, coloring and shapes to the screen. A work based only on technique can sometimes become boring and meaningless, but when the technique merges with the purity of feeling it becomes beautiful and pleasant, radiating only good things.

In my Artworks, some factors must be perceived the creation and painting does not occur if I'm not at peace, my heart must be happy, because I want only good things to be transmitted, the sadness is banished my creations.

When a work is acquired, it carries the expression of love, gratitude and joy that exists in my life, if you truly accredit, this artwork it has the power to change the atmosphere making your life happier, the force contained in it is able to lighten and brighten your life. Do not look to work only for looking, enjoy every detail, feeling the power illuminating, leading to happiness for your life.

May the light of joy, love, peace, optimism and gratitude expressed in shapes and colors, gladden their life!
To you my friends, thank you.