Phillip A Windell

I've been capturing images for about 50 years, on and off. I am a natural light, street photographer, mostly, and my signature works involve reflections off and thru windows and other reflective surfaces, especially water..


Select Signatures

This group of images includes a select set of my signature works involving the use of window reflections to create layers, harmony and contrast or, on some occasions, simply the dance of color and light. Let the images wash your eyes. Enjoy.

FL Wright's Falling Water in the Fall “FL Wright's Falling Water in the Fall”

The image was captured in the large or living room looking down at the creek running under the main house with the lovely fall colors echoing and bouncing about.

skatin “skatin”

Captured in the commercial district in washington, dc. The scene of this skateboarder on top of a rail in the midst of a retail store and busy commercial street...echoes of the jumble of urban life.

trollybank “trollybank”

Captured in downtown pittsburgh in the early 1970's. The soft colors and the smooth curved lines...

room with a view “room with a view”

Captured in downtown Portland, Oregon of an early Saturday Morning. I especially enjoy the contrast of foreground movement/blurr and the background clear and stable.


Cap;tured at the Rockville, MD Metro stop outside Washington, DC of a cold January morning. The layers and stark black-and-white in an otherwise very colorful surroundings.