Patrizia Casagranda

Patrizia Casagranda

Location: Germany

I’m German with Italian roots and was born in Stuttgart in 1979.
2002 graduate designer with award at FH Niederrhein
since 2002 art director in Krefeld/Düsseldorf/Venlo
since 2000 working for International Art Center Netherlands
1994 beeing Thomas Dürr’s student (artist in Stuttgart) for 2 years
Academy of Arts in Ravensburg and Trier
Book design and collaboration with Günther Uecker and Markus Lüpertz
I’m working in Germany, Netherlands and India.

2008 at the international design exposition
2005 Art Directors Club award for book design Emile van der Kruk
1997 F.G. Winterpreis

Since 2016 I‘m working as artist with galleries and museums:

Exhibitions 2019
Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe, Solo exhibition, 18.1.-23.3.2019
Part2Gallery, Düsseldorf, Solo exhibition, 1.2.-1.3.2019
Artgallery Wiesbaden, Exhibition 22.3.-23.4.2019
Art Center Berlin, Exhibition, 18.9.-28.9.2019
Galerie Art15, Bremen, Germany
Galerie K, Luxembourg
Artgallery Wiesbaden, Germany
Art Life Gallery, Saint-Raphaël, Côte d’Azur, France
Galleri Nordenvind, Denmark
Roccartgallery, Florence, Italy
Galerie Lauth, Ludwigshafen
Neue Kunst Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany
Museo di Gonzaga, Mantova, Italy
Architekturbiennale, Venedig, Italy
Steinberger Galerien, Langenargen, Germany
Galerie Mönch, Bremen, Solo exhibition
Galerie an der Zitadelle, Jülich, Solo exhibition
Galerie Palz, Saarlouis, Solo exhibition
Galerie Bruno Massa, Paris, New York
Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
Bilder Bethge, Erfurt, Germany
Voigt Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Galerie an der Zitadelle, Jülich, Germany
Galerie Luzia Sassen, Cologne, Germany
Woodbinecontemporaryarts, Uppingham, UK
Galerie Art15, Bremen, Germany
Galerie Palz, Saarlouis, Germany
Galerie Kaschenbach, Trier, Germany
Galerie K, Mallorca, Spain
Galerie Hunold, Greven, Germany
Art Center Berlin, Germany
Addart, Arnhem, Netherlands, Germany
Kunsthaus de Bernardi, Aachen, Germany
Th. Hülsmeier Kunsthandlung, Osnabrück, Germany
Fairs 2019
Art Fair Herning · Galleri Nordenvind, DK
Art Genoa Fair · MarcoAntonio Patrizio Arte Moderna, Italy
Art Innsbruck · Part2Gallery
Art Karlsruhe OneArtistShow · Galerie Lauth Halle 3 K20, Neue Kunst Gallery Halle 2 D25
C.A.R. Essen · Galerie an der Zitadelle
Artmuc München · Galerie an der Zitadelle
AAF Hamburg · Galerie an der Zitadelle
Art Lausanne · Galerie K, Spain
Luxembourg Art Fair · Galerie K, Luxembourg
WiKAM Wien · Neue Kunst Gallery
Art Fair Wien · Neue Kunst Gallery
StART Straßburg · Galerie Luzia Sassen
C.A.R. Essen
Art Fair Herning, Denmark
Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland
Luxemborg Art Fair
Art Beijing, China
London Hampstead AAF
Affordable Art Fair, London
Art Bodensee, Dornbirn Österreich
Art Fair Hannover, Germany
Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn London
Affordable Art Fair Bristol, UK
Edinburgh Art Fair, UK
Art Up Rouen, France
Art Fair Mulhouse, Werkkunstgalerie, Berlin
Luxembourg Art Fair
Art Prize artboxgallery Zurich, Swizzerland
Artboxprojects New York
Artprize Augsburg Lechhausen
Artprize Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Germany
Artprize Stadtgalerie Wörth
Nijimagazine We showcase the best emerging talent Internet platform London 2017
Decideart We support emerging artists Internet platform London 2017
IG the fearless artist „NOISE“ ART BASEL MIAMI Showcasing the best of emerging, mid career and established artists
Drailed contemporary art magazine United States/Australia 2017 (february 2018)
Rheinische Post 2017
Zeitkunst 2017 · Artist spotlight january · What the artists are judged on is potential, technique ingenuity and style.
2018 Weser Kurier
2018 Generalanzeiger, Bonn
1340Art | International art Magazine 2017 Instagram
Internationale Kunst heute 2018

Creating Peace 5th serie
The exhibition “Faded Faces” consists of graceful and unusual portraits of women, who are seemingly from the past although young modern women are portrayed. 
Patrizia Casagranda, living in Krefeld Germany, produces expressive paintings by creating the illusion that the portrayed is in one’s reach and almost graspable. 
By combining different techniques, such as, painting, graffiti collage, stenciling and typography the art pieces look striking and mysterious, they appear strange yet familiar at the same time.
Patrizia Casagrande’s time spent in North India, and the experiences gathered there manufacture themselves impactfully in her art.
The focus of this exhibition is her fifth series “Belief”, in which the topic of religion presents itself in her works. It consists of six portraits of individual women from different religions in which the artist focuses on the similarities between them.
Her aim is to provoke thought about the changing of time.
The German-Italian Patritzia Casagranda was born in Stuttgart in 1979. In 2002 she graduated with distinction in Design from the FH Niederrhein and afterwards visited art academies in Nizza, Ravensburg and Trier.
Since 2015 she has been working as an independent artist and in a short time has managed to show her pieces in and out of Germany. So far, she has presented her exhibitions in France, Britain, China and this summer at the Venice Architecture Biennale.
Here and now 4th serie
I regularly work in the poor regions of North India, where I have the privilege of meeting and getting to know some very remarkable and special women.
Every morning we would share a cup of tea and many thoughts. The tribal women are proud beautiful women who with great skill daringly collect goods that were discarded as waste.
Junk and garbage to some – but the means of existence for the collectors and their families. Only a tiny gap between life, survival and disaster. All actions and their lives concentrated on the “Here and Now”.
These women’s virtues and perseverance taught me to trust in “the Tomorrow” and gave me an astonishing joy of being. The portraits of these women are titled, “Kiran, the Light”, “Sunder, the Beautiful” or “Laxmi, the Rich”. The titles could be interpreted as dreams –to me they represent the tribal women’s attitudes towards life. The women focus on the present, the positive aspects of life and solidarity.



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