Glenda Bowen

glenda bowen

Location: Australia

Adelaide mixed media artist.

Website address:

digitita is my print artist name. (digit for fingers, ita for small feminine)

I make solarplate prints, but current work is poster style digital prints, drawn with stylus on my smart phone).

Enquiries welcome.


POSTERS-digital prints

I bought a SG Note 4 and used the stylus to create imagery.

This followed on from my photopolymer prints and my interest in posters.

I photographed wall art and street posters, in Chile/Argentina/Adelaide.
These are the voice of the people either protesting or simply advertising their
The poster type prints which ensued are commercially printed, often just on request
thus adding less paper needed.


Life drawings from my portfolio.
Available as prints.

Fleur “Fleur”

Line life drawing, turning

Fleur2 “Fleur2”

Life Line drawing

Fleur3 “Fleur3”

Ink drawing

Fleur4 “Fleur4”

Life drawing

fleur5 “fleur5”

Life drawing

fleur6 “fleur6”

Life drawing

fleur6 “fleur6”

Life line derawing

fleur7 “fleur7”

life pair

Mememe, Selfies?

The smart phone sure is. My stylus drawings on my SGNote4 allow me to be spontaneous.
Impulsive. Draw and store. Or print on demand. No wasteful paper prints (and dollars).

Enjoy the moment of creation. Glenda

Glenda l. “Glenda l.”

My first attempt on my smart phone. Paris.

Glenda 2. “Glenda 2.”

Is this me?

Glenda 4. “Glenda 4.”

In a hotel when we had the wooden floor sanded.

Mememe, 2

Me in mirror “Me in mirror”

in my work room

glendasgeisha “glendasgeisha”

manipulated photo and drawing - similar size and face shape

Really Me “Really Me”

Speaking to my phone

Acrylic paintings.

1991 exhibition at Adelaide Festival Theatre on theme of Playing the Moment.
Acrylics on operatic and theatrical themes.

the boys “the boys”

Acrylic painting, Vienna. Exhibited Adelaide Festival Theatre 1991.

katya kabanova “katya kabanova”

This acrylic painting from studies in Salzburg, shows Katya fearful of the people of the village watching her.
Exhibited Adelaide Festival Theatre.

The Empty Island

small acrylics on our island

Imagine “Imagine”

blue on blue - watercolour