Anahid Minatsaghanian

Primarily through oil, acrylic and mixed media, Anahid is a contemporary abstract artist. A second generation artist, she describes her father before her as her first mentor. Anahid started taking private lessons at an early age. Becoming familiarized with traditional style and after collage, ultimately finding herself drawn to and inspired by modern art with an abstract, minimalist approach.

Having exhibiting her work in Los Angeles and , she considers a highlight of her career being involved in an exhibition sponsored by C.A.S.A of Los Angeles, a none-profit organization working with disadvantaged children. Her humanity and care for children is extended to support the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with every opportunity that she gets.

In 2014-15, one of her paintings, “Fall in Arroyo” was selected by jury to be on display at Pasadena Museum of History for the Contemporary Masters Artistic Eden IV.


Abstract/Contemporary Fine Artist

My inspiration starts with exploring everyday surroundings. Nature, photo’s that I take during a walk in my garden or an inspiring vista during a trip along the California coast.

As an artist, my goal is to create works that call for the participation of my audience to the same extent as my involvement in creating them.
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Sea Surge Passage “Sea Surge Passage”

Acrylic on canvas
20"x 20"

Defining “Defining”

Acrylic on canvas
48"x 48"x 1.5"

Gravity “Gravity”

Acrylic on canvas
48"x 48"x 1.5"

Dimensions “Dimensions”

Acrylic on canvas
9"x 12"x 1.5"

Sea Passage “Sea Passage”

Acrylic on canvas
12"x 12"