Sue Moritt

I am a heart transplant so therefore I love to paint living people and animals going about daily life. i have been told that each painting I do tells a story so I take photographs of people in different settings to later paint in my studio. in my younger years, I taught art in a private school in Miami, Florida but now,I just enjoy my second chance at life and old age which is truly a gift and an opportunity to put it all down on canvas.



My paintings were done from photographs which I took while crawling about NYC. That was before I received my heart transplant and was able to get around with a lot more ease then I am able to now as well as being a lot younger and bolder.

Grandames of Washington Park “Grandames of Washington Park”

taken from one of the photographs while in the park

Boys of spring “Boys of spring”

another Park scene

Sunday Morning “Sunday Morning”

breakfast in Washington Park

Chess in the park “Chess in the park”

men playing chess in Washington Park

Fishmonger “Fishmonger”

from picture taken at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

Cafe Tina “Cafe Tina”

Bar Scene in NYC