Hugo A Navarro
About my work.
Mostly, I work on surfaces such as stretched canvas and paper.

On paper I use mixed media such as charcoal, graphite, Chinese ink, and pastel, in a wide variety of formats and sizes.

With Oils and Acrylics, my indefatigable search is to perfect the medium. My current use of the medium focuses mainly on color and texture.

Digital and Photography:

My subject matter is always relative, as Nature is: The day-by-day life, world events, and lastly the Universe's Natural Law and the Unknown Matter.

About Hugo A Navarro by Arash Salimi 2011. San Diego, Ca.

Since I first encountered the work of Hugo Navarro, I have had to rethink these issues including what art is even about, and how it is best discussed. That should already be a sign that we are dealing with a very special body of work.
One of the most immediately recognizable distinctions of Navarro's work is the concentration in many of his pieces on a small number of colors. Many of his most powerful works deal with the same four or five colors, a bright sky blue, golden yellow, white, black and sometimes red. Even his most wildly-colored pieces are always centered around a single-color backdrop. This tight control of the color-palette makes it clear to the viewer that these pieces are not haphazard bursts of activity, but rather that they are focused, intimate studies of moods and ideas. But beyond that, Navarro's loyalty to blue and yellow seems to be an expression of the basic fundamentals of life, or possibly the eternal elements of the universe.
Navarro's pen and brush strokes are also quite distinctive throughout his oeuvre. The wiggles in his straight lines, the roughness of his circles, his hand gives his pieces an unmistakable character of both painstaking care as well as a warm playfulness.

Cheryl Phillips: MFA
"Mr Navarros paintings, executed in acrylics and oils, are
alive with layers of color that drip, are scrape out,
spattered and daubed with thick paint."
Detroit, Mi. 2006