Howie Marie

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, behavioral scientist, reiki practitioner, and certified therapeutic expressive art coach with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology who runs my own business called Integrative Expressive Art. I’m interested in the places where art, psychology, and spirituality intersect. With a touch of humor and play, my art explores human consciousness and the influence of suggestion and misinformation upon the psyche. From conspiracy theories and cults to haunted objects and magical poppets, the subjects of my work are meant to explore the psychology of our beliefs and to point to things beyond belief where the greatest truths may lie.

Currently my favorite materials to work with are acrylic and water color paints, oil and chalk pastels, clay, found objects, the written word, paper, canvas, and a digital drawing tablet.


The Psychology of Belief

This is from my series ReQlaiming the letter Q from Qrazy. 35"X22" Lefty is drawn on high grade watercolor paper with artist's chalk. As a child Lefty the Salesman was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. He would usually sidle up to Ernie and open his trench coat to reveal the letter of the day. For some reason I've always liked the letter Q. You can imagine my upset when this beautiful letter became affiliated with an American conspiracy theory. Thus, Lefty and I have reQlaimed the letter Q and offer it for proud display.