Tom Ashbourne

Tom Ashbourne

Location: Canada

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA
Tom Ashbourne’ s journey has taken him from a successful corporate finance executive and a life-long art patron to an elite artist, where he found his passion and himself in the world of fine art. His gorgeous contemporary abstract sculptures communicate their true essence through texture, color, shape, and form.

As an artist, Tom has beaten the odds during covid times. He has exhibited his work in the world’s top international juried art exhibitions, including London (UK) Biennale and Florence (Italy) Biennale.
During covid times Tom has been recognized with major international awards including DESTIG magazine’s “Best Artists of 2020”, Art Tours International “2021 Collectors Choice“ award, World Biz magazine “Artists to Collect in 2021”, American Art Awards “Best Artists of 2021” and “Outstanding Contributions to Fine Art” ARTYA EmeraldAward. T
Tom Ashbourne is currently the only elected member to Canada’s top art societies: Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC), Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), Ontario Society of Artists (OSA).
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