Janet Audrey Wilson

My name is Janet Audrey Wilson and I am an independent artist. I am a professional secretary,  writer, singer, model, dancer and practicing Digital Artist.  I have completed  college and I am experience with working with many different cultures and people throughout the years.I am currently online with several domestic and  international companies where I display my artistic talent. I have published eight books including  a compilation of quotes, my famous song, You, my love have been charted several times around the world.  My books are available at several online bookstore and my art are available online at several online stores as wall art, accessories,  garments and furniture. I am divorced mother of three young adults, misfortune knows no color, class, creed or the ability to acquire. I live to achieve my goal some day soon.
Janet Audrey Wilson


Janet Audrey Wilson Digital Art

Janet Audrey Wilson Digital Art is of various compiled art and photos of people, places, nature and things. My works are all on sale at my website.

The Ancient Head “The Ancient Head”

The Ancient Head was completed last June, a totalism of a piece with many attributes.

Flight “Flight”

Flight is a tricky piece, I began with sky and tree and after coloring and adding other mediums and application, I had a flock of birds.

Floral Splash “Floral Splash”

Floral Splash is a digital piece brought about by an application in which color was splash on to the canvas and transform into a flower.

Glowing Money Symbol “Glowing Money Symbol”

Glowing Money Symbol is as it is, Money Symbol glowing in the moon, as depicted as the man in the moon.

The Sentimental Girl “The Sentimental Girl”

The Sentimental Girl a simple penciled photograph of a woman. (Myself)

Night Owl “Night Owl”

Night Owl, a digital piece incorporated by several applications.