Jette Van Der Lende

Jette van der Lende

Location: Norway

Jette van der Lende is borne in Copenhagen, (Denmark) and raised in Oslo, Norway. Nothing is too small or insignificant; nothing is too serious or awful not to be in her paintings. She works with symbolic, and often uses common small things to replace her thoughts. She gives it all a stage to be seen. She works with light because the light gives the motif shape. The light gets the colors to communicate. The light becomes alive in the meeting with the dark, and in meeting with the dark, the light becomes alive. Her bridge to you goes through the painting. The motif is her thoughts
She gives the motif her total attention, but she wants the motif to stand alone without her.
Her oil paintings on canvas, has been exhibited in several countries, where she has been in juried exhibitions and biennales. She has received several awards for her paintings. She is a member of The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Danish association of Visual Artists, and International Guild of Realism, Scottsdale.


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