Niyati Jiwani

NiyatiJiwani – Atlanta, Georgia based artist depicts a fusion of beauty and nature in her artwork. She started playing with colors when she was in school. Her versatility of putting colors on canvas is so ingenious that it makes her an oil hand in arts.
Her snazzy style of painting makes each of her artwork a style statement. Her personality reflects in her artwork when she describes herself by saying “I ensure my compositions leaves a long lasting effect on people and make them feel pure, positive and peaceful.” As an artist,her work is very professional and enchanting. Her artwork at any place enhances the beauty around. It acts like a façade of a beautiful structure.
Her paintings are open-ended and at the edge of surrealism. Different viewers have their own views according to the understanding of the subject matter. She hopes that her works will leave the viewer with a sense of warmth and peace.




As an artist, it elevates me to connect with people and spread happiness through my artwork. My compositions comprise of vibrant and subtle colors, which creates an everlasting impact on the viewers, making them feel positive, pure and blissful.

A dazzling star “A dazzling star”

16x20inch on gallery wrapped canvas.
This oil over mixed media piece of art narrates a hidden story of a diva and a swan. The contrasting colors makes this a unique piece.

Charismatic queen “Charismatic queen”

18x24inch on gallery wrapped canvas
An amazing piece of art camouflaged with the beauty in the world. The vibrant and contrasting colors enhance the rhythm of the painting and making it a unique piece.

Deep contemplation “Deep contemplation”

16x20inch on gallery wrapped canvas
Reflecting a calm and peaceful mind gives a significance of deep contemplation. The luscious brush strokes and warm colors on this piece of art compliment the tittle.

Radiant “Radiant”

18x24inch on gallery wrapped canvas
Nature is always blissful and colors are truly depicts life. Intertwined with colors and freshness this painting speaks for itself.

Empowerment “Empowerment”

18x24inch on gallery wrapped canvas
Women empowerment dominates this piece of art. The splashing strong red compliments the title of the painting.

Essence “Essence”

20x20inch oil over mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas.
This abstract art piece dives into the essence of it. It connects all beings through a core - essence of life.

Gold rush “Gold rush”

16x20inch oil over mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas.
This painting shows the shine of a gold leaf. The nature and the beautiful face outshines amongst the vibrant colors. The semi abstract piece gathers the attention naturally.

Cosmic connection “Cosmic connection”

30x40inch oil over mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
This art piece describes the love for the sea world and the connection between one soul to another. The playful dolphins dances in the world of blues.

Breathe II “Breathe II”

16x20inch oil over mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
This diptych piece manifests freedom of mind. The beautiful colors show deep happiness.