Ann Celine Storking

Art is a timeless wonder that is ancient and modern at the same time. It has the power to evoke emotion and change a person. If a work I create could make people realise the beauty of life, the world can become a better place and give life purpose and meaning. A life with purpose is well lived and a life well lived makes a difference.

I am self-taught and I do not limit myself to a particular medium or style, because the world is big and changing and beautiful things come in all forms. I like beautiful things, but I also have a preference for unusual things. In my art I try to depict such scenes, with a beauty and attraction that is captivating at first sight and deep enough to catch your eye and lose yourself. You must leave the realm of my artwork with a personal experience, for what is art if it does not connect.

As an artist, I need to understand the impact that the art I create can have on the people who behold it. My passion is to create art in the theme of timelessness that evokes emotion in everyone who encounters it.


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