Jason Huyser

I'm pretending to be a regular person...

The artworks are on canvas panel of various sizes using acrylic paint mostly.
They are all available (originals) for sale.
If you're interested please let me know. Huyserjasonted@gmail.com is where you can inquire and I'll get back to you.
Thanks for viewing.


Fishing for cats

So, the fish are commissioned to play with the cats. There are no hooks or revenge. Just play with kitty...There are laser pointers tho.

Flower trees, fish, and an octopus

The flower separate from the Flower tree is looking for its color twin somewhere in the Flower tree...There's only 1 flower that matches, I hope.

The last of the blue sky

This can and well should be viewed under 3 lighting conditions. Normal light, blacklight, and darkness are the conditions.
The picture is an observation during a typical total annihilation scenario.

The So and So's place

The So and So's place is where all the cool figments of my imagination hang out, to you know, do cool stuff. For example, um,..., well actually, my dear viewer, I don't know. I've only been here once, and this is what it looked like, kinda. I've never met the So and So's. Goodnight.

The So and So's place “The So and So's place”

Under normal, regular light.

Apparently I am a monkeys uncle

These are all part of a series that shall remain unspoken. Only because the series' real name has 3 F words, a slur, and a very uncomfortable short silence in the pronunciation and I don't want to offend anybody at this time. But basically they are for merch. I'll let you know tho.

Planet 0004.6 divided by 0=. Maze book apparel “Planet 0004.6 divided by 0=. Maze book apparel ”

Dont get trapped by the television! You'll become a T.V. Casualty!

Another starry night in the city. Maze book apparel “Another starry night in the city. Maze book apparel ”

Think of this on a really cool "Larry the Cable Guy" style t shirt. You're welcome!

Clearly abstract

Abstract at its abstractiest.

"2 sides of a coin" “"2 sides of a coin"”

Looks like a gloating, fat man chortling at an unfortunate peasant.

C- is the grade. “C- is the grade.”

I guess the teacher thought it could be more abstractier.

A HELLMOUTH (yawn) like all the rest

HELLMOUTH is the gateway thru which people who are sentenced to eternal suffering ala Christian style, must go thru once they are available...dead that is.
Note- what I am focused on with the HELLMOUTH series is the split second between a damned souls death and their arrival in Hell. Every painting and all action shown takes place in that blink of an eye timeframe. Except for the occasional "fart sound", it is totally silent, like tomb quiet. And this is not about the "why" the souls are here nor is it about "who" the souls were as people, it don't matter. I use this pre-Hell scenario simply because Dantes "Inferno" already described what is below HELLMOUTH. So, "thanks, man".

The general area “The general area”

So in this picture HELLMOUTH is recieving the damned. The arrivals fall from reality (they die) into a lake of fire, swim it to some very steep steps that they climb. Some fall and do it again. Then the various Demons "shoo" them into HELLMOUTHS mouth...The souls are compelled to follow the path, keep in mind its all happening instantaneously...that is to say there is no time if the boundaries are eternal...like damnation.

Near the So and So's place.

These pictures are of individual abodes that are near So and So's actual place. They are kinda, suburban So and So. Anyway, the paintings all "do stuff".

Near the So and So's place. Yonder 2,3,4

These are pictures of other abodes in and around So and So's place. Here's 3 of them in the 3 lighting conditions. It won't always be like that, he said knowingly.

Starting out a window at the insane asylum

"The inspiration for this series turns out, was from the high desert area of California between Victorville and Las Vegas Nevada. The mountains look cookie cut, that is to say, they line up one behind the other or others as the Interstate 15 meanders to the East a little then to the West along the 200 mile or so journey. After becoming interested in painting these and more, I became a bit obsessed, adding the towers in alot, and being pretty sure the view was no of this earth", I overheard the doctor say.

Latest stuff

These are 4in.× 6in.
Acrylic and oil based paint, as well as permanent marker on canvas board.
For sale 25$ each.
Most will glow in the dark, or shimmer in the light.
Please email me with interest/ questions at