Dale M Sumner

Self-taught 3-D Mixed Media / Concept Artist / Sculptor. I exhibit as ‘Faces of Humanity’ by Dale M Sumner. Primary theme is life size faces cast in plaster finished in iron and utilizing Ferric Nitra chemicals for patinas. The frames are a key component. I’ve used real brick, African Mud Cloth and bone lined frames from Marrakesh, Edwardian Leather and Raffia Suede Leather from Argentina. Current participation includes Redwood Art Shows, in particular, ‘Art Santa Fe 2022 & 2023’ and ‘Art Dallas 2022’ along with 'Spectrum Miami 2023' not to mention permanent exhibits in museums and cities in Tennessee and exhibitions internationally during COVID. I base out of Fort Worth, Texas. Unlike many artist I encounter at exhibitions, I'm a one-man army when it comes to the concept, the design, construction, shipping and talking with the people as every piece of my art has a story, a reason and sometimes a deep theme. Example is 'Enough Already' was completed the night of the Uvalde School shooting in Texas. When you look at the piece it is permanently etched in the face. A woman in San Diego bought this piece in Santa Fe and she hugged me several times with tears in her eyes. These stories and emotions are quite common when I'm afforded the time to tell the pieces' story. And just for the record, an average piece will take 4 to 6 months from start to finish but 'Snow Day' took 2 years. *Please check each listing for price and availability. Shipping is not worked into my prices and my art can be directly picked up in Fort Worth, Texas. email me at dalemsumner@gmail.com for inquiry and purchases. As a side-note, I have never worked with a foundry due to logistics and my budget. Any interest that comes along with the purchase would involve the right to release the piece so the purchaser can utilize the services of a foundry.


Only the Lonely

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale. “Only the Lonely” was selected by Gallery 25N in New York to be exhibited worldwide under the “Faces of Humanity” theme. The exhibition was limited to, what they considered, the top 20 artist in the world representing visual art pertaining to humanity. This particular piece was placed on the cover of the ‘coffee table’ book that was published.
$1800 (excludes shipping)

Only the Lonely “Only the Lonely”

'Only the Lonely' was featured in the February 2017 Gallery 25N in New York's "Faces of Humanity" exhibition featuring the top 20 artist in the world expressing this category. The coffee table book also featured four other pieces from my collection. 'Only the Lonely' was the coffee table book cover for major galleries and museums as a result of this exhibition. I do original concepts and this like my other works is the only one of it's kind..

Voices in my Head

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale. Concept is a PTSD teen.
$1450 (excludes shipping)

Freak Show

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale

Night Crawler

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art a 1:6 scale
$1750 (excludes shipping)


3-D Mixed Media Concept Art 1:6 scale


Moonshiner from Tennessee


Moonshiner from Tennessee

Loving Earl

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale

Lichtenberg Watcher

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale

Caught in the Middle

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art at 1:6 scale

Kindle in the Park

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art in 1:6 scale

Hope no matter what

3-D Mixed Media Concept Art in 1:6 scale

“Voices in my Head” on Canvas

This is augmented photography of my original sculpt, “Voices in my head”. The hand-laid stone frame matches the stone in the original piece. The uniqueness of this piece is the impressionist approach to the focus. Up close it’s distorted but 10 feet away it’s clear.


3-D Mixed Media in 1:6 scale. This piece emphasizes the efforts of many to live their life without limits. It is important to take in the many facets of this art work and what it stands for
$1800 (excludes shipping outside of Fort Worth)


1:6 Scale One-off design
$899 (excludes shipping)

Ride it like you stole it

Plaster, wood and cloth dipped in Paverpol. Vespa was 3-D printed but the rust, color and patina was enhanced by Sculpt Nouvea products
$1900 (excludes shipping)

The Hollow

The Hollow stands 6 feet tall and it's very abstract. This represents the perils of what you may come across when least expecting.The accents on the door are real. Brass mail slot from 1908, glass door knob, skeleton key and rusted kick plate are a few examples. Small creature was my imagination and when you lift the mail slot, it reveals the mother's eye looking a you. The small creature features eyes I ordered from a Russian taxidermist. This was a fun piece to create.

Sweet Beautiful Music

Donation to The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. 3-D Mixed Media in 1:6 scale portrays a street busker

Snow Day

Scale on this piece is life size and the style is referenced as "enigmatic". Snow Day is done in iron and I use 3 different acids to achieve the various patina's.

BLACK TUESDAY ... 1929 stock market crash

This is my largest piece to date completed October 1, 2019. Scale is life-size. BLACK TUESDAY is an enigmatic sculpt as you can see with the portion of the left arm missing that holds the briefcase and the characters entire right arm is missing. This is plaster cast and coated in iron. I applied many chemicals to patina the iron to the shade I wanted. Key to this pieces character is the hand sanding. Started with an 800 grit working to a 3000 grit for the actual polish. Story behind the story: The alligator briefcase ... represents this character was "the best of the best" and in the blink of a day, he lost it all except for his elegant suit and alligator briefcase. Then starts "The Great Depression"

Self(ie) Made Man

This piece is plaster cast and the scale is life-size. The finish is iron except for the over-all's which are finished in Bronze with a traditional blue patina. The cellphone was cast from a block of wood with the plaster 'hand' sculpted around it. Goggles were plaster cast from and actual pair of 1910 welding goggles.

Anything would help

3-D Mixed Media to bring awareness to COVID-19 and the hardship it has left many Americans in

Lean into it

3-D Mixed Media 1:60 scale. Plaster cast. One-off design

Rug man

1:6 scale plaster cast mounted on slate. Note the rugs are actual Chimayo rug samples from the mud 1950’s
$500 (excludes shipping)

The long goodbye

This piece is still in progress. It is dedicated to anyone who died from COVID-19. What I’m capturing is the image of someone’s hopelessness of never leaving the hospital and the lost look on their face


3 day celebration of life in Algeria for a woman. An Owambe can be a wedding, a birthday or simply a coming of age. Owambe’s are celebrated wearing a festive head wrap called a Gele. The clothing is very colorful and festive
$3700 (excludes shipping)


Georgia O’Keeffe’s middle name was Toto. SOLD!

Enough already

This piece was originally designed to fit the imagination of the person that was viewing it. That changed the very next day upon completion of “Enough already” when the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas took place. The anguish and horror on my characters face was haunting to me. This piece speaks volumes of “ENOUGH ALREADY!” SOLD!

Hitting THE WALL

Inspired by ‘Pink Floyd’s’ The Wall, my concept evolved into a message about senseless gun violence. Note the air brushed figure in the lower right corner. This is my second piece to address’Enough Alread’. Life-size, plaster cast face finished in iron and faux stone hoodie on a real brick wall.
$4400 (on-of-a kind)

The Calling

Inspired by the 1922 painting ‘The Gift’ by Earnest L Blumenschein. My piece portrays the central figure. A man watching over the children in Taos. His gift is a ‘calling’. Scale is life size. Plaster cast finished in iron. The frame is vintage from Mexico and the back drop is Edwardian leather.
$5600 (excludes shipping)


Inspired by a woman from Marrakech referred to being ‘a foreigner’. The head wrap and colors are distinctive. Scale is life size and the face is plaster cast. Head wrap is faux stone and the dark blue is damask cloth dipped in a hardening agent known as Paverpol. The frame was custom made for me in Marrakech and the backdrop is tan raffia leather
$4400(excludes shipping).

Maiden in Mali

Inspired by the ritual of face painting in West Africa. Mali is the reference to where she’s from. The frame came from Nigeria and the black and white edges are real in-laid bone. The back drop is ‘mud cloth’ from from Algeria too. Scale is life size. *Piece is unfinished
$5400 (excludes shipping)

Worth the fight

Ukraine piece. The burnt driftwood symbolizes the destruction from the war and the face symbolizes the weariness of the continued fighting.
$3500 w/the pedestal (excludes shipping)

Pedal to the metal

Working around a ‘Limited Edition’ full size pedal car was the best prop and a huge challenge. Concept was to sculpt a life size 5 year old little girl dreaming big and feeling the need for speed in her race car. She was designed to slide in the car and be able to slide back out as to not compromise the collectability of the pedal car. Actual car is ‘The Black & Gold Limited Edition’ T-Model. This pedal car is #1518 of 2999 ever built and it’s the only pedal car endorsed by Ford Motor Co plus it’s never been ridden or on the ground. Definite barn find antique pedal car.
$4700 (pick-up only)