Alexandra Geschwandtnerová

Alexandra Geschwandtnerová


From - Slovakia,40years

2008 rigorous exam - Department of Art EducationComenius University in
1990 – 1995 Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica, field: art and technical education
1986 – 1990 secondary school of dress making in Trencin, section clothing industry

children, drawing, nature, books, art, history, fashion


forever waxworks

What I do

What do I try to express in my art-work? Mainly it is my point of view on the world, life, beauty… It is about looking for questions that we can not answer. There are dreams, thoughts, reality and fantasy too.
It is about my interest, about everything what makes me fly, there are stories based on true people lives, interesting situations, beauties and falls. There are animals, plants, things, epochs, regions, culture. Life and our planet are so various and they offer us so many topics which we can hardly work up in our whole life.
There are many confessions about my world how could it work or not work. I go deep into mystery of my fantasy into getting me to know, into small inner discoveries, in days gone outdaten mysterious parts of my mind. The topic of history is visible and I transform it in my pictures into new positions.
The pencil is the tool of my expression, the companion for quick record of my thoughts and visualizations. I use the pencil from my childhood so I prefer it in my art work as well.

dream “dream”

mixed media

mirror “mirror”