Konstantin Yasinskiy

YAsinskiy Konstantin was born 1980. Visited the occupations a graphic arts in the Center of the development baby creative activity. 2001-2005 passed the course a quotient education in workshop Teslya D.S.

Works in different trend.

On February, 29th 2012 Shortly about my new concept Dear friends! My researches in the field of art, philosophies and esoteric have led to surprising results. I was convinced that our world is filled by the information and energy which we don't realize, we do not see and we do not understand. It has so impressed me that I have decided to generate the art concept. Its essence that I try to receive the information which is invisible us from world around, isn't perceived by usual way of thinking, and to fix it in the material form. Some trace which can to try be realized and deciphered as a result turns out. This trace (as paintings or a sculptures, photographies) also becomes a work of art and somewhat the message. Names of my works are very conditional and reflect only my subjective interpretation of result. I form the methods by the experiments based on certain knowledge. At present 3 methods (2 from them expensive enough and while I don't use them) which, in my opinion, yield the results necessary to me. My works are material also I suggest to consider them as an abstraction kind because I don't want to state a scientific estimation to the received results. I advise, first of all, to allocate esthetic and art value. But you can pass from abstraction to trace comprehension. It can occupy different time and yield different results. I think, full value will be all the same latent, our thinking can define only fragments. So I do, when I entitle works though it and is very conditional. This beginning of the big direction and certainly huge work and investments is necessary to me. Therefore I address to investors, dealers of art and people who want to sponsor development of this direction. If you put means for reception of profit or render any help, you give life of the new concept in art. We together make history, here and now.