Art Bio for Regina Moraida

I have been drawing since I was very young. I started painting in oils later in life. I felt then that to develop a craft takes time and if I was going to fulfill a life long dream I needed to make space in my life’s journey for painting. Some of us have the good fortune to believe in ourselves and follow a single dream when we are young and see it through in life as we mature, graciously accepting success, courageously withstanding failure, steadfastly holding onto the dream. Others find that while chasing one dream life reveals others. I became a registered nurse at 25 yrs. old, a wife at 28, a mother at 31 and 33, and an art student at 40.
I am forever grateful for moving to the Napa Valley at 21yrs old. It is to me truly God’s country. Every season is an inspiration.The community is very supportive of the arts and offers many opportunities for artists to explore, learn, and grow. I started by taking classes with John Hannaford and Gary Stuttler at he community college and later Life drawing with Vicky Long. Over the years I have also learned a great deal from my fellow art students, many of whom have gone on to successful art careers.
I joined the ‘Portrait Society of America’ and through this organization I have met and observed demonstrating their style some uniquely talented and incredibly versatile artists’ in the international art world. Since I started painting seriously I have always thought of myself as an art student and every painting a lesson. Each individual painting has taught me something essential I did not quite understand before, even if it was just something about me and what I could accomplish if I persevered. Some of my art work was commissioned for portraits and landscapes. Recently I joined the NVAA and participated in the Open Studios. I enjoy painting scenes in the Napa Valley whether they are landscapes or portraits of Napans doing what we all do in one fashion or another…. study, work, and play.


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