Alan Spector

An architect with his own practice for over 45 years, Alan is also a practioner of yoga philosophy and meditation.

His art work combines both passions by creating structured and layered digital collages which express the hidden meanings of worldly and spiritual phenomenon.

Alan's artwork is created with digital photos combined, enhanced, and transformed using Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Express, Akvis Oil Paint, Canva, Photopea, MyPaint, and software.

Education: Columbia College; Columbia University School of Architecture (B.Arch. '65); Harvard Graduate School of Design (M.Arch. '66).

Here is Alan's description of his artistic process:
"These are all digital images using a variety of software to modify photographs and layer images and then transform them in various ways. I begin with figurative images, then transform them into more abstract images, and then combine the figurative and abstract. The process starts as a mental concept, then becomes an immersive experience where I exercise an intuitive part of myself that is usually hidden."




"In my artwork I seek to communicate spiritual experiences which may result from practicing meditation.

During meditation I make repeated gentle efforts to rein in a scattered mind and bring it to a point of concentration on a sacred sound (mantra) or sacred image (yantra or mandala). The mantra or yantra is brought to a particular place within the body– usually a chakra such as the navel center, the heart center, the center of the head, or above. As my mind settles down it may become immersed in the chosen object

My artwork strives to depict the essence of a chakra, yantra, or mantra and the experience of glimpsing that which lies beyond subjective awareness. Then I may clearly see the distinction between my limited individual consciousness and the expansive universal consciousness. My own spiritual experiences may be stained by personal memories so their artistic expression is still subjective and can only impart a partial view of reality. Real and intense spiritual experiences are totally unexpected, astounding, and indescribable in words, form and color."



Expressing the Interplay and merging of two symbolic swans (Hamsa in sanskrit) representing the individual consciousness and universal consciousness which float in the lake of mind. The two swans also represent the two aspects of breath (passive and active). When the seeker merges them at the center of his head he may enter into a wondrously peaceful state of mind.


Traveling to sacred sites and experiencing their vibrations is external pilgrimage. By internalizing those impressions our subtle inner life is greatly enriched.


Ritualistic bathing to cleanse oneself of impurities is common to many traditions. But the more subtle inner bath involves immersion of the individual mind in universal consciousness.


The mystery of twilight (Sandhya in sanskrit) lies in the subtle spiritual transition between experiencing the ordinary world and the Higher Reality.

Lotus & Waterlilly

In Yoga philosphy the Lotus represents radiant beauty emerging from a living entity which is anchored in the mud.

Though rooted in the mud, the Lotus and the Waterlilly rise up to the light and are non-attached to their murky roots.

Panoramas & Cycloramas

To convey complex ideas, images are assembled in a linear manner to create "Panoramas" or longer "Cycloramas". For a more immersive experience of my artworks, printed images are mounted on semi-circular frames for a "panorama" and on fully circular frames for a "cyclorama". To view the complete "panorama" artworks you must walk from side to side of the mounted images. Some "cycloramas" are mounted on a turntable so the artworks move and reveal themselves to the viewer slowly.

Sadhana Cyclorama “Sadhana Cyclorama”

Sadhana in sanskrit means the spiritural practices that provide inner experiences which lead the seeker towards the Highest Reality.

Freedom Cyclorama “Freedom Cyclorama”

Freedom from the mind's binding powers is the goal of spiritual practice. To attain this freedom the seeker should "burn" his karma in the "fire" of knowledge and perform his actions selflessly for the benefit of others.

Sadhana-Kinetic-1 “Sadhana-Kinetic-1”

This cyclorama is mounted on a rotating turntable so the viewer only sees part of the image at one time.
Four still views are shown here. To see a video of the rotating cyclorama click on the link to "High Resolution Images" next to my profile photo.

Sacred Grove

There is a Sacred Grove of trees in India where the forces of Wisdom reside. While being quiet and looking inward the seeker may be nurtured by the power of that Sacred Grove.


Climate chaos is clearly harming our entire planet and all living beings.
But RENEWABLE energy solutions have been available for many years and must now be implemented quickly and at vast scale.
This series of artwork intends to dramatize our dire climate conditions and the RENEWABLE solutions which we must embrace right now.


Inner spiritual experiences may include a sense of "blossoming" at the heart or crown centers. These expansive experiences are visually described as abstract flowers blossoming.


Prana is the intelligent life force which infuses all living beings in the universe.
In yoga texts it is explained that Prana divides itself into 5 parts to function within each being.
These are Prana (upward moving force), Apana (downward moving force), Samana (sideways moving force), Vyana (outward moving force), and Udana (concentrated upward force).


Each eye sees its environment in its own particular way.

The Universal Eye sees all and everything.