This contest has ended and is currently being judged!

Winner of the 10th Contest

Jon B. Paulsen

Winning Images: 

"The Trespasser"
"Dead Ringer"
"Beneath the Facade"


Agnes Parcesepe “truly-delicious-42x54-cm-water-color-on-paper” Aivars Kisnics “Without Title #683”

Alix de Montaigu “Piana 1” Alix Muquet “THE EAGLE. OIL - 18” x 24” ” Ambar Doron “Marlboro Man ”

Ana Leon “se armo la milonga” Ann Nyberg  “Divine mothers of invention” Anne Jensen “Old patterns”

APONI “FAITHFULL TO MYSELF”, Barbara Steitz “Heaven meets Earth,  Barbara Wurden “Venus Flytrap”

Benedetti Marco “Flowers and Fashion”  Betsy Frahm “Waiting for The Ferry Bob Craig “Let's Do Lunch”

Brandy Thomas “Harbingers of Change Brent Harris “Pandamonium” Brigitte Theriault “Au carnaval”

Bruce N Griffiths “The Shed Out West” Bulent Turan “Onions” Caren Helene Rudman “Previving 125”

Carlyle Thompson “Prayer Time” Carmen Rantzuch-doll  “der Blick” Carol Levin “Pray” Carole Boyajian “SIPPING & SAVORING” Catherine Perehudoff “Running Bull” Charla Morgan “redemption”  Charlotte Shroyer “Light by Night” cher pruys “Aviation Gear” Chris Klein “Gearbox recently overhauled” Claude GEAN “RÊVE-ERRANCE” Consolata Radicati di Primeglio “Racconto Futuro Constantine Cionca “Secret garden” Cornelia MacFadyen “Untitled#1” Cyril Jouison “Just an angel” Deb Chaney “Surrender” deborah bank “Mist” Debra Branitz “"Sweet Surrender"” deniz “untitled02 Detlef Gotzens “Fermented Abstraction # 12” Detlef Gotzens “Rational space Centrifuge” Doris Savard “Lucia 60x64” Dorothy Morris “Large Lady, Sagging Couch” Doug Baird “Landscape with Clouds O” Duncan Cunningham “Giant Kelp” Eli Matityahu “lost time 0166e” Elisabeth Gress “Tierra muerta 2014” Elizabeth Szymczak “Repose” Ellen Dieter “Pushing For Change” Emily Lane “Florida Keys” Erik Brede “is there anybody out there?” Erwin Rummel “Riverside Alley Way, Abstracted” Eugenya Zinger “The Lilac” eva gyorffy “003 HOMO LUDEN 2014 concert” Flier!  “They Downthere #02” frederiqueK “collapse” Gabi Domenig “SunnyDayTulips” GISA ROSA “Lyra” Giuseppe Chiariello “the battle” Gloria Dean “The White Horse” helen mathiasen “Angel” Herwig-Maria Stark “THE BEAVER CLEAVERS CLONE TWINS” ip pang “web tv lady” Jacobs Astrid  “Solar Winds” Jan Lowe “Mandela - an iconic man of the century” Jeanne Fredac “Gymnase” Jennifer Jean “Trees diptych” Jeonghan Yun “Drawing of Light and Time / 4m” Jerry Anderson “METAMORPHOSIS (40"x30")” Joan Lukowiecky “Lineal” Joan Scheibel “BROOKLYN, 2014” Joelle Kem Lika “Flying lobster, tribute to Dali's soft watches ” John E. Kelly “Outdoor Table with Leaves” John Hoyt “HEAVEN and HELL” Jos, Hal “Spring 2011: Fukushima” Joseph Coban “Spinner from Morrisburg” Juan Canals “857” JUCHUL KIM “Venezia Italy ” Judy Csotsits “Queen” Julia Hacker “What is your anchor?” Juliano Michelangelo Barrotti “Motel 66” KATHRYN ELISABETH LOVEJOY “NUDE AND MOON” KAY LIPTON “MOZART `Divertimento for 3 Basset Horns”  Kelly A. Kopacz “Rough Waters Ahead”  Kristina Zallinger “Little White Square”  Kurt Steinle “Woman in Red Dress” Lawrence R. Armstrong “filla 1.1” Leena Golnik “Infatuation” Leila Morrissey “Death and Beauty 2” Leslie Batty “Down the Rabbit Hole” Lia Ali “Daydream” Lisa Prusinski Studio “Enchanting Afternoon” Lola Lonli “Arabesque Flame” lorena gherardi “breathless” lorraine Spring Warm Up” Louis Wessels  “Passion” Luis Ardila “ SHEPHERD ” Lynne Godina-Orme “Prelude” Maria de la Luz Fraschini “Hummingbird” Marian Hara “Lady with yellow helmet” Marie-Claude Courteau  “Soleil de mars” Marife Nuñez “Be a woman and smile” Mark Pol “Time travellers ” Marlene Siff “History and Geography” Martha Rose Greiner “Spring Raindrops” Martin Buehrer