Palais Royal

Palais Royal



Valentin Revelioti

Valentin Revelioti is a talented artist in seascapes with his own style. His seascapes mix realism with romanticism, creating vivid depictions of water.

breath of the sea “breath of the sea”

oil on canvas, 150x100cm

cliffs in Gurzuf “cliffs in Gurzuf”

oil on canvas 60x90cm

dusk is falling “dusk is falling”

oil on canvas, 120x80 cm

morning lights “morning lights”

oil on canvas, 90x70cm

Lustdorf in the evening “Lustdorf in the evening”

oil on canvas 120x80cm

south sea “south sea”

oil on canvas,120x90 cm

children “children”

oil on canvas, 150x90 cm

salty wind “salty wind”

oil on canvas, 150x90cm