Lys D'or

Lys d'Or

Location: Italy

Lys d’Or is an art web gallery born as spin-off of blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro
create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and group shows on a specific topic open to all type of art
painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video, comics, music, textile etc…
As art web gallery all exhibitions are free, without any costs for the selected artists and 0% commission on any sales, because Lys d’Or (like the blog Il Ramo D’Oro) want to be remain loyal to the original nature of Internet: place of free access and free exchange of ideas and knowledge

Lys d’Or
Il Ramo D’Oro
Katya Sanna


Solo exhibitions 2018-2020

Abeer Adel Ali (Print, Drawing)
Sylvia Toy St. Louis (Performance Art Video)
Sambuddha Duttagupta (Painting)
Fatma Ramadan (Graphic and Visual Artist)
Jeff Drew (Illustration - Character design)
Johanna Porter (Graphic and Visual Artist)
Sketchlight (Photography - Light painting)
Maria Korporal (Visual Artist)
Grey Cross (Mixed Media)
Rey Zorro (Mixed Media)
Scott McIntire (Painting)
Anis Tabaraee (Drawing)
Gianfranco Basso (Embroidery
Karenina Fabrizzi (Painting)
Johan Troch (Music Photography)
Scott Listfield (Painting)
Eclectic Critters (Handmade Soft Toys)
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (Experimental filmmaker)
Mohammad Barrangi (Printmaking)
Susanne Schumacher (Photography)
Cornelia Konrads (Land Art)
Manfred Kielnhofer (Sculpture)
Angelo Secondini (Music Photography)
Leonardo Nazzareno Enea (Mosaic, Sculpture, Painting)
Dawid Planeta - Mini people (Digital)
Michelle Holmes (Embroidered Textiles)
Marco Mattozzi (Photography)

Collective Exhibitions

Humanitas (October 2019)

Dreamtime (April 2019)

Magna Mater (January 2019)

Homeless (October 2018)

The Kingdom Of The Rose (May 2018)

Global Warming & Water Wars (Febbruary 2018)

Global Warming & Water Wars “Global Warming & Water Wars”

Global Warming & Water Wars (February 2018)

The Kingdom Of  The Rose “The Kingdom Of The Rose”

The Kingdom Of The Rose (May 208)

Homeless “Homeless”

(October 2018)

Magna Mater “Magna Mater”

(January 2019)

Dreamtime “Dreamtime ”

Dreamtime (April 2019)

Humanitas “Humanitas”

Humanitas (October 2019)