Kristin Gaither

Kristin Gaither


Images by Kris consist of thought provoking eclectic art.


Toltec creation

These thought provoking pieces are made with acrylic paint

Toltec creation

Me in a world full of them. “Me in a world full of them.”

In a world of group thinking and idealistic standards of beauty they will try to get you to conform but when you don't they try to dim your light.

Essence of a queen “Essence of a queen ”

There is such beauty in the bare female form. No fancey, hair, or jewels to hide behind.

Two faces “Two faces”

Everybody wears two faces the one the world accepts and the face we truly see in the mirror


Sometimes we forget who we are and we can't see the power we possess within. "We are the servent to our higher self until we become our higher self." -Krs One

Dying Of Thirst “Dying Of Thirst”

Sometimes there are voids in us that we look to others to fill, so much so that we become a prisoner to them.