Anne Pilgrim

Anne Pilgrim

Location: Sweden


Beyond the Beyond

Creating art is like exercise for the soul. Absolutely necessary for good health! I work with Vedic Art, a philosophical approach which allows and encourages full freedom of expression. I also do a fair amount of Zentangling (CZT11) and doodling. Sometimes I combine painting and Zentangling which is exhilarating. I love playing with texture, colour, lines - allowing the work to create itself through me, whatever the medium. Sometimes there is a plan, more in the form of an intention to express from a certain space or with a certain goal and then there is often a resulting series of paintings or drawings. The process is most often deeply meditative. I hope you are transported by my art to places you didn't expect to go and that you experience some form of resonation, self-recognition as I believe the deepest, truest me is the same as the deepest, truest you.
Media: acrylics, water colours, ink, pastels.

A Seeds a Star: Silence “A Seeds a Star: Silence”

Series: A Seed's a Star.
This is one of many paintings in this series. There are a few left.
Medium: acrylics
Size: 64x81 cm

A Seed's a Star: The Flag of Peace “A Seed's a Star: The Flag of Peace”

Series: A Seed's a Star: The Flag of a Creative Peaceful Nation
This painting is based on the very first painting in this series. It became several times larger and moved on to become an expression of its own.
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 120x76 cm

Fantasia: Welcome In “Fantasia: Welcome In”

Series: Fantasia
The Fantasia series are playful, or dreamy images that grow as I work. Here is perhaps an image of a belief I have always held about the role of the church. No, I am not actively Christian, but was brought up in the Christian tradition.
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 56x56 cm

Zentangle-inspired drawing: No name “Zentangle-inspired drawing: No name”

Zentangle-inspired drawing in a free form line.
This one came inte being piece by piece during the Christmas of 2013. I'd just lost my backpack with all my Zentangle stuff, pens, paper, all my work etc etc and was devastated. My daughter gave me new pens and paper as a present and this drawing brought me back to myself, and my backpack back to me. Definitely healing.
Medium: Ink on paper
Size: 25x33 cm

Serpents in Paradise 1: Discovering “Serpents in Paradise 1: Discovering”

Series: Serpents in Paradise. This is a series that was birthed at Ă–land where I love to paint during the summer. Here is an example of the hybrid of painting and Zentangle.
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 45x102 cm