David E Garrison

David E Garrison



Garrison Art Studios

I live in the USA and France. I paint Plein air and exhibit oils and pastels and Conte Crayon drawings with many galleries, International exhibits and Museums. I am a graduate of the American Academy of Art, Chicago Plus a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art. I've painted Murals for Marriott, Hilton Garden Inn, as well as others like Welcome Centers around the country, for 35 years.
Website: www.david-garrison.com

Blast of Color “Blast of Color”

Oil on gessoed board. Image of flower vase with flowers bursting at the top. Two oranges at the bottom...all the impression of sexual implications of the male natural and important functional part of life.

"Wild" oil on board “"Wild" oil on board”

Oil on gessoed board. The red background creates excitement and feelings of passion. The lady's movement emphasizes the overall passion of this painting.