Suzy Bohi

Delicious Canvas Gallery
9 Glenmore Drive
Guyton, Georgia


Delicious Canvas Gallery

Georgia pond, with Lily Pads and Spanish Moss from trees in background

LeapFrog anyone “LeapFrog anyone”

Colorful pond with Lily pads & Spanish Moss hanging in background.

A Rose is a Rose “A Rose is a Rose”

Rose, like a fine wine, they never cease to amaze me.

My Beach Home “My Beach Home”

30 x 40 Beach Patio.

Georgia Pond “Georgia Pond”

20 x 24 Pond in Woods, Guyton Georgia

Shops on Beach “Shops on Beach”

18 x 24 California Beach Scene

Bridge with lamps, and Yellow trees

Large Trees with yellow flowers leading walkway on bridge with lamps

Heavenly Bridge Walkway “Heavenly Bridge Walkway”

Bridge with Large Yellowed flowered Trees and Lamps