Clyde J. Kell

Through renderings of botanical, ancient historical monuments, landscapes, seascapes, animals, and nature. Clyde attempts to capture a visual story of the moment. Through the presentation of the emotion and expression of his thoughts and feelings with the various artistic mediums. Clyde works in watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, and occasionally, pen and ink using a tight, illustrative hand.

This creative journey began during his youth. Clyde has always been creative and a visual artist. But life and adulthood interrupted a promising potential professional career in art. Clyde has said he has many fond memories of sketching, doodling, and the occasional painting for his two daughters when they were very little. Now years later, Clyde has been motivated by their love, and encouragement as beautiful young adults urging him to pursue a professional art career. Clyde has lived a stressful life, with family separation, lack of employment, and near starvation at times.

As a visual artist utilizing the various mediums and working in a representational style. Clyde’s creations express this passion and enjoyment of nostalgic radio, history, and world travel. Clyde is self-taught, the emphasis is not so much about rendering, but focused on the visualization of the emotion and feeling of the moment.

Clyde’s artwork has been exhibited in brick and mortar gallery shows and online. In a few short years, thousands upon thousands of art enthusiasts have come to enjoy his creations. Clyde says, “if my artwork can put a twinkle in the eye and place a smile on the face of a stranger. Then I am a successful working professional artist.” Clyde truly believes he is blessed with a divine gift in helping someone to take a break from their hurried troubled day. To give the world beauty is an awesome and humbling power indeed!


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