Photographers and Digital Artists can visually show these words STRONG & POWERFUL in such ways as an expression, architecture, bold colors, landscape scenes, urban scenes or digital work, that has a strong impact on us. This online juried competition is about your interpretation of this theme using any style of photography or digital art. Submission Deadline: November 4, 2013 Entry fee for first 5 images $25.00 (US). Each additional image submitted will have an additional charge of $4.00 (US) per image. Over $2,000 in cash awards and prizes to top three finalist. Up to 10 Awards of Excellence will be also awarded. To learn more, go to http://www.exhibitionswithoutwalls.com/?page_id=6593

Strong & Powerful Competition

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World Wide Art Los Angeles is inviting galleries and artists from around the world to come together to showcase their work . We will unveil a powerfully diverse collection of classic and contemporary, international art in the heart of downtown LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center.The fair will serve as a visual montage of art in 2014, as it exists across the globe. Visitors will be welcomed into the vivid imaginations of the world's artists, moving from nation to nation in a manner of steps.We are excited to invite you to share an art experience that transcends borders and honors the universal pursuit of creative expression. For more information, please contact us or visit our website. www.worldwideartla.com info@worldwideartla.com

World Wide Art Los Angeles - October 16-19, 2014

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Joshua Tree Art Gallery October Fall show Oct. 12 - Nov. 4th, 2013 Featured Artists: Steve Rieman's whimsical stainless steel cat sculptures, Tobi Taboada's textural abstract encaustic paintings, Drew Reese's beautiful scroll hanging photographs of desert fauna. James O'Keefe's aboriginal dot paintings. Frederick Fulmer's petroglyph desert image transfers on canvas. Kim Chasen's colorful & textual abstract paintings. Janis Commentz's personal figurative paintings. Brian Leatart's black & white landscape photographs. Gregg Ross's assemblage & photo realistic paintings. JTAG'S Open Call for December themed show "PLACE" Prospectus online - joshuatreeartgallery.com Deadline Nov. 29th, 2013

Petroglyph Palazzo

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Fine art by Huckleberry is a privately owned Gallery in US of A. Huckleberry (pseudo) V. Ogden) art is the featured artist for this gallery. The uniqueness of this artist lies in a simple fact: the art, as humble or as great as one may see this art, it has been produced without the luxury of any formal education in art. The desire to produce beauty is the inspiration and the expression is a child like attraction of 'dressing dolls in special costumes'A product of the Great Depression, art became my only toy and not intended for public viewing, however there are those who value this art and persuaded the creation of this gallery. I hope that I have brought out the child-like aspirations of feminine beauty at play in the many moods of the feminine essence. Huckleberry

Dancer with hookah

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