Rohit Jangid Rohit was also very young when he began to learn the traditional art of miniature carving from his father. Unlike his brother, Rohit is still studying. Although near graduation, he cannot dedicate to carving full-time just yet. He does, however, have a record in the Indian Book of Records for making a wooden house-fly and some national and local records for the same piece. In order to get his work seen, he participates in national and some local art and craft exhibitions. Rohit tells us: “I like miniature work in my art and we – the Jangids – are the only people who make these kind of carving products with scenes in flipped lids. All scenes have their own story.” Rohit loves it when people are surprised as he shows them his work and then he opens the lids.

Sandalwood carving artist rohit jangid

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