Abstract by Rozlyn Cowham


Rozlyn Cowham


I am a non-objective painter, which means I am not attempting to capture the likeness of nature; my subject is the painting them selfs. A reflection on my experience. A slice of life, or a moment of vision reduced to its unchanging essence.
I want the viewer to extract his or her own interpretation.
Essentially this is significant, as I convey painterly images in an abstract style because it is more evocative to do so. Not bases on or bound by a literal or visual reality, abstracted work allows me to focus on the actual process of painting.
I am consequently in love with the paint surface. I like to get lost in form, color, and energy.
The working progress is a dialoged between myself and the painting. The traces of this dialogue are what the viewer encounters on the canvas, and perhaps what begins is yet another dialogue.
I invite you you the viewer to share with me something intimate, personal, and very particular.

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