Abstract by Krishna Pulkundwar

I believe, The most simple is the best and the simplest things are most difficult to create. I am from a small village of Maharashtra State, India and now I am in metro city, so the amalgams of nature and city life are mirrored in my work … As a child I loved visiting rivers and was fascinated by the reflection of shallow water, trees, the textures of wood, stones and leaves. These developed into frames of reference and manifest themselves as windows and boxes in my work… I frequently use geometric shapes, squares and rectangles. It depicts my current urban habitat. In spite of coming from a rural background I cannot deny the effects of urbanization on me. Hence, my works bring out this very blend of urban and rural India.
As every painting gives me pleasure, so does the medium. Each medium keeps on encouraging me to explore and experiment. All my paintings have given me sublime satisfaction of creation. The feeling of immense joy, which I have experienced, I hope to offer the same to the viewer.
If you carefully go through my painting, you may find various meanings according to your understanding or even the colour, texture, composition or subject might interest you. That is why in order to understand an abstract painting; the point of view is what matters most. Ultimately it is the viewer’s point of view.

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