Under the skin by Nadja Petrovic

The main and honorable place in my poetics has the man and his emotional and effective condition. Getting closer to the human face and body, I plunge under the skin, under what is visible on the surface. Pointing to the depths of the human psyche and digging into the spaces of the irrational and wistful, far from a realistic picture. My paintbrush emphasizes the conditions of tension and anxiety, trauma and suffering, the moments of standing on the edge, human liminal states. My unconventional portraits and acts point to the impossibility of defining the subject as a whole, one-dimensional and monadic. The subject in my artistic poetics is complex, multi-layered, multiplied within myself and never identical to myself; is in constant movement and in constant search for himself and his own wholeness. These are the main elements in my canvases, on the one hand, a twitch, and on the other hand, a movement, emphasized by a special painting technique in many of the paintings. The texts that are subtly written on the faces and bodies of the represented entities point to the infinite textuality of the world that creates, writes, and often marks us.

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