Fiction Elements by Christian

Visual Artist Christian van Hedel (1974) mainly paints non-figurative abstract art. He is active as a painter for more than 18 years now. At the beginning of 2017, Van Hedel started a completely new project/series which he named "Fiction Elements". This new series consists of colourfull wall filling paintings. The works are inspired by the natural and essential spiritual energies from everyday life. Conscious of the unconscious, stains, strokes, shapes and lines are painted on the constantly recurring greyish backgrounds of the canvasses. The contrast between dark and light, colours and black-white dominates the canvas. The shapes are defined very precisely, evoked by the materials used or created by the unique use of brushes or palette knife. Because of the black lines Van Hedel uses in his work, it becomes a comic-like rendering that brings the whole into balance. The paintings are visual compilations of experiences, dreams and contemplations. Autobiographical images, in which Van Hedel tries to broaden the field of view beyond the purely visual. There is more to it than meets the eye; food for the eye and the mind.

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