2018 New Work by Lori Mole

California artist Lori Mole paints with a musical heart.

When I was 3 years old, Louis Armstrong was playing his trumpet in the Disneyland parade. He set his trumpet down, looked right at me and threw me a kiss. It was like magic and I fell in love with music.
A native Californian, I grew up hearing and playing music. First, it was piano lessons and then playing the clarinet and flute in Mr. Fairlee’s marching band. Still today, when I see a marching band on TV or in a parade, I tear up because I feel such a deep connection. This emotion inspires me to create what I call “The Music Series”.
The series started out in watercolor, with acrylic drizzles expressing the movement. Classical music played in my art galleries of 20 years. “The Music Series” was originally called the “Symphony Series” but soon evolved to all types of music: jazz, country, blues, opera and, of course, rock and roll. I now paint in acrylic, many times adding graphic notes or lettering to create bold and dramatic designs on canvas.
I want people to see the music. My work is based on instruments, not figurative musicians. I feel this creates more of a timeless visual message. The paintings typically depict gallery scenes and music venues.
I like to think that I’m creating on a positive “note”. It’s funny how people react to my work. Musicians instantly try to read the notes. Music lovers are reminded of a concert, a musical theatre event or even dancing on the porch. A song can “Take Me There”, back through decades of time. Where does the song in your heart take you? Have you found the hidden heart in every painting?

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