Flame Violet of Transmutation by Luiz Todeschi

Within his relationship with photography and his poetic and personal trajectory over five years, his work has made him review, understand and identify a series of processes and narratives where images and light appear to him as if he were in a another dimension.
In the series "Violet", with works in dominance of lights in this color, which represents the pure and invisible energy, it is part of this Universe and seeks to make explicit the connection that exists between the concept of his work and the spiritual, through a profusion of images .
According to the Gnostic and esoteric vision, the Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon mankind, in order to accelerate the process of ascension and karmic cleansing of Humanity and Earth. This light presents itself from the sun to the record in our image on the surface of a stone to honor Luiz's first visit to the capital Luz - Paris! The images were made in the Brazilian territory in this year 2019.

About this Narrative: Violet Flame of Transmutation - by Ricardo Esteves and Anna Priscila Marques

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