New Works by Hratch Israelian

Our Imagination
Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” We devote a great part of our lives to gaining knowledge, while simultaneously neglecting our imagination . We were never taught how to use our imagination, and the repetition and banality of modern life gradually deactivates our imagination. However, imagination is still the only thing in us that is infinite. Our life, energy, and knowledge are limited; therefore we need to unlock our limitless imagination and set it in motion.
How can we activate our imagination? Well, let’s imagine that everyone has a brand new car parked in their driveway but they don’t have the key. Although the cars can travel for thousands of miles, they can’t move an inch because there is no key. Not only do we all need a key, we need the right key that will activate our specific car. Either that or a bump key, a key that can open any lock.
This revolutionary painting method is the bump key to everyone’s imagination. Now all can discover the key of their imagination and become an accomplished artist. Everyone from age 4 to 104 can master this painting process in 20 minutes and paint a great artwork in 10 minutes, without physical and psychological discomfort. All the outsiders of the art community, can become insiders and enjoy the creative process. Painting with this method is not only pleasant, but also stimulates our imagination by creating images at the same synchronized speed with our imagination; We can become astronauts in our own head, constantly exploring new territories. The active imagination can transform all other facades of our lives, we can make the mundane more enjoyable if we apply our imagination to it.
Imagine you can be, do, and have whatever you want. What would that be like? Dose our physical existence gives us that kind of freedom? In a world where everything and everyone deteriorates, nothing is worse than letting our infinite imaginations go to waste. The best way to stimulate our imagination is to synchronize the painting process with our imagination.

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