Refletions by Arturo Araujo

Artist Statement
Arturo Araujo, S.J

Your Reflection

Sometimes you are caught
Between the intersections
Of you and your reflection
Wondering, about the reality
So much happens between
Exchanges with your reflection
Mirroring what you want to see
And what reality actually is
Try to touch the portrayed image
Segregate the inner reality
And the outer fa├žade for the world
Mirror what you really are
And your reflection will embrace you
Given the clarity, that shatters
The reflection of a reflection
Thus blossoms the image from the heart
Mirror will be glistening with pride
~Amitav Radiance

In this body of work, I explore the reflections of images that speak about those moments in which my awareness of identity awakes. Those awakening insides happen in different ways; sometimes, I am caught between my perception and the reality that surrounds me; other times, the image I perceive of my-self is defined as a projected shadow on a summer day; nevertheless, seen only as a shadow.

All images in this show started as photographs I processed in photoshop to flatten the multiple reflections I captured with my camera. Then, I flattened the various layers of the photos, and then I photoengraved the positive image to produce a print. To the idea of reflection, the technique I applied added another dimension that is the simultaneity of the pictures on a single plane, without distinction of foreground, middle-ground, or background.

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