Architecture by carlo Piagentini

Intentionally and - for those who observe with other eyes - visionarily realistic, the art of Carlo Piagentini moves between doors and windows, places of entry and exit, of loss, and searching for meaning. His painting portrays the forms of a newspaper with a domestic, reassuring, or even picturesque appearance; yet it reflects, captures, fixes the spaces, the objects of an enigmatic abandonment, or of a restless human presence/absence. The brightness and the stillness, the intense beauty and the suggestion of its doors contain, as in a short allusive composition, a 'restless fixity, a suspended ambiguity; they enclose - one would say precisely in their most intense shades - the thresholds of an enigma and perhaps of a precipice just mentioned, where the research and the possibility of a historical and aesthetic dimension of reality protect against the risk of falling. Piagentini thus celebrates and monumentalizes the places of everyday life and of a minor history and - at the same time - shatters and breaks down the monuments of greater history, in a communicative, critical/analytical game of decomposition and recomposition, of setting and disorientation, of loss and self-seeking

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